17 Regular Foods That Are Slowly Killing You

16. Breakfast Cereals

forih regular foods that are slowly killing you 16

Again, we blame it on the marketing. Breakfast cereals aren’t harmless as their happy cheerful colors and toys inside the box might suggest. They actually contain sugar, artificial coloring, preservatives, and GMO products, and they’re often stripped of the nutrients they had before processing. Try oatmeal with some fresh or dried fruit instead. It tastes great, and it’s actually good for you.

15. Energy Bars

forih regular foods that are slowly killing you 17

Energy bars might be necessary for athletes who need a quick burst of energy, but if that’s not you, try to resist these tasty calorie bombs. Energy bars contain a lot of sugar (we talked about sugar before), high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and can contain trans-fats. So this is basically candy that’s full of calories, sugar, and artificial ingredients. In other words, it’s a ticking time bomb.

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