You can take a free mental age test through a number of quizzes. Using The A Real Me website You can check your mental age. There have a number of quizzes and after answering 31 questions, the user finds out if their mental age matches their real age. The questions presented revolve around human behavioral issues, such as what others think and say in everyday situations. It is worth mentioning that the question does not evaluate the user's intelligence since it is based on behaviors and patterns for each stage of life. In the following tutorial, see how to take the A Real Me test and find out your mental age.

How to Take a Mental Age Test

Enter the Website Name - A Real Me (https://www.arealme.com/) and scroll down until you find the option “Mental Age Test”. Click on it;

Step 1.

Step 2.

Select “Secret” and enter your real age. Click on “Start to proceed”; You must choose your real age to find out your mental age in the test.

The A Real Me website will show you a series of statements, to which you must answer “yes”, “no” or “none of the alternatives”. Select the button corresponding to your answer to proceed. Answer all displayed questions to get the result;

Step 3.

Step 4.

At the end of the test, the page will show your mental age. You can share the result on Facebook or Twitter. If you want, retake the test by clicking the “Try again” button.