[Watch Video] They Recorded It in the Amazon Jungle and Nobody Can Believe It

There are a few places in the world that can be considered as amazing and beautiful as the Amazon its jungles

Are home of all the known species on Earth and one in five of Earth’s birds and we are still far from investigating all of it still almost daily

We are surprised by some amazing finds in the Amazon so I’ve decided to explore it somewhere get ready to be amazed

Perplexed grossed out a little and perhaps even Afraid from walking trees to a deadly but beautiful frog this is 15 strangest things recorded in the Amazon jungle that nobody can believe number 15 a dead whale the Amazon is rightfully considered one of the last unexplored places in the world it seems like every time a group of researchers

Ventures into the Amazon jungle they find either ruins of ancient temples or a new species of animal like these see-through frogs yuck you can see everything happening inside but never mind the frogs because there was another discovery that blew the scientists away I mean finding new species in the jungle is kind of a no-brainer but finding a dead whale far from where it’s supposed to be in the ocean that’s really freaky now this isn’t a fossil from eons ago it was a recently deceased humpback whale about 26 feet long lodged in bushes and shrubs far away from the ocean the experts found it

because a massive number of vultures were spotted circling the area by the looks of it it is a 12-month-old humpback whale the only reasonable explanation is that extremely rough seas and insane winds swept the creature deep into the forest after it died but the real mystery is what was a humpback whale doing there at that time of the year the humpbacks would have already traveled thousands of miles to Antarctica as part of their natural migration cycle experts believe that this calf got separated from its mom for some reason experts took samples to determine the cause of death but even so what really happened to the poor thing will most likely remain a mystery they recorded it In the Amazon jungle

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They Recorded It in the Amazon Jungle and Nobody Can Believe It” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]and nobody can believe it whenever you start exploring something hidden and mysterious you’re bound to have some controversy along the way this happened to a group of biologists that ventured deep into the Amazon in search of new life forms but what they stumbled upon was Far Stranger Than They had hoped for one day as they were heading deeper and deeper into the jungle canopy they came up to a small Lake momentarily the entire team stopped in their tracks they were all left silent by the sight in front of them strange looking birds with long beaks and eerie looking glass eyes were perched on some rocks in the middle of the lake

their feathers looked even stranger more like dreadlocks and the way they were sitting reminded me more of people than Birds but the moment this photo was taken they let out such a horrifying sound that it made the team fall to the ground and shut their ears when they got back up the creatures were gone no one knew if they flew away or went underwater to this day this mystery remains unsolved comment down below with the hashtag Untold topic and let us know your opinion in relay relation to what we just showed on screen with that said let’s keep things moving number 14 a giant snake if you remember that old horror movie Anaconda you know that these snakes are native to the Amazon and can grow rather large the movie also describes a hidden unknown tribe that lives deep in the jungle and worships giant in a condos well even that has some truth to it meet the warrani

Warriors of Ecuador although they don’t just worship these snakes they also catch them as they catch this giant snake the Warriors are cautious not to harm it even though Anaconda is the world’s largest snake and a proven Maneater these people consider it sacred for them the rivers and trees are their life and they believe inaccondas give them spiritual power so despite anacondas and all the other vicious creatures living in the Amazon these Warriors consider the forest their home and the outside world to be dangerous and the reason they are catching the snake is to allow biologists to take samples and determine if the oil exploration of stream has any adverse effect on the wildlife on whether though these Warriors found themselves in the headlines of major news agencies worldwide as the snake they just caught with the BBC journalist turned out to be the largest anaconda ever to be caught it was 17 feet long which was a world record the journalists had the unique opportunity to live with these people see them hunt but also befriend the animals of the forest and learn their ancient ways what an adventure

number 13 the boiling River if you ever find yourself in Peru and you’re just itching for an adventure and exploring the unknown you have got to see Shanae tempishka otherwise known as La Bamba La Bamba is a tributary of the Amazon and is known as the only boiling river in the world when you see it for the first time it is like that scene from the movie Legend with Tom Cruise any moment you expect to see Meg the witch burst out of the water in real life the legend of this river is somewhat different but exciting nonetheless La Bamba is situated in the huanuco high Forest which is inhabited by the asheninka people they believe that the boiling water is birthed by yakumama a giant serpent known as the mother of the waters well it must have been one hell of a birth because the water can reach 210 degrees Fahrenheit just so you know your midday tea is about 130 degrees now its original name means boiled by The Heat Of The Sun the truth however is quite the opposite it is not heated by something above but by something below it is believed that the geothermal vets come close to the bottom of the river heating it up immensely it is not unusual to see geothermal pools but they are usually smaller in comparison but this river is 25 meters wide and 6 meters deep and boils throughout its 6.2 kilometers freaky indeed number 12 walking trees remember the ants from Lord of the

Rings oh come on if you haven’t seen the Lord of the Rings yet what are you doing with your life just kidding I know you’ve seen it so you surely remember the walking trees called The Ants well I’m sure that most of us thought it would be cool to have them in real life as it turns out we do it’s just that they are hidden deep in the Amazon jungle they don’t speak and they walk even slower than those guys in the movie they are known as walking palms and they apparently move along the forest floor as time passes over a 10-year period one might move up to four meters it doesn’t seem like much but compared to the rest of the trees it’s a marathon runner so how do these plants do it well the trick is in the sunlight and in The Roots plants can detect where the sunlight is coming from so these plants kind of lean into that direction and start lowering offshoots of the roots into the ground to support the leaning in effect over time they really do move their position but that’s not the only thing they do they also great things according to experts their bark is so spiky that the local people use it as a cheese grater I like this tree more and more I mean everyone knows that food is always better with cheese on top am I right number 11 valuable medicines now that we’re on the topic of plants did you know that the Amazon is a treasure Trove of valuable medicine

oh yeah many of our modern medicines started off as plant-based remedies just look at one of the most used medicines in the world aspirin it was originally made from the bark and leaves of the Willow and poplar trees so it’s common knowledge that some plants can potentially have numerous health benefits or can be used as medicine but strangely out of over 130 000 different species of plants on Earth only 5 000 were ever tested to see if they have any medicinal properties those that were analyzed ended up providing us with 95 Healthcare products so there are potentially 2 470 products that can be obtained from Plants meaning people would be much healthier if we just turned to nature for an answer well some people are just that and traveling to the Amazon to explore what it can give us the first step towards that goal is talking to the locals indigenous people have hundreds of years of experience relying solely on the Amazon to provide them with all the remedies they need one of the coolest and coolest sounding remedies is the blood of the Dragon it is actually sap collected from Croton trees that acts as a disinfectant and acts as a natural bandage on Cut wounds another awesome remedy that sounds a bit Eerie is old man’s fingers which is used to treat ear infections number 10 bird eating spider if you are an arachnid lover then you know what I’m talking about and you will utterly enjoy this next clip on our list but if you are not a fan of spiders expect to be surprised and freaked out because this one is huge the Goliath bird eater can grow to weigh up to a whopping 170 grams it doesn’t leave a web to catch its prey as you would expect from a spider this one is more like a stealth Hunter it Blends into the forest canopy covered with leaves and Strikes its victims as it passes by even though its name says otherwise these guys rarely actually hunt for Birds they focus more on small rodents in insects in addition to their stealthiness they have another tool at their disposal their hairy legs while humans mostly consider hairy legs to be a bad thing these guys lives depend on them their eight legs have super sensitive thin hairs they pick up even the tiniest vibrations in the air created by movement around them once their prey comes into Striking Distance it’s time for the deadly assault like Goliath grabs the prey with its legs simultaneously thrusting the almost one inch long bangs into its flesh injecting it with a lethal neurotoxin the worst is yet to come having no teeth these guys regurgitate digestive juices which dissolves the tissue and then they suck it in and drink it what can I say except damn nature you scare it number nine deadly poison dart frog this creature is as teeny tiny as a frog can get yet it is incredibly deadly now I’ve heard of frogs that secrete hallucinogens from their skin and I’ve even heard about frogs that are so poisonous that they kill anything that tries to eat them but this beautiful little thing has an entirely different kind of weapon it shoots poisonous darts nah just kidding but it would be cool if it were true no this frog keeps its poison on the skin it is beautiful but deadly and when I say beautiful I really mean it this thing is gorgeous but the range of bright covers like yellow orange and blue contrasted by deep red and

black pigments it is a true epitome of a tropical animal but as the old written rule says if it’s got bright colors it’s probably poisonous and the golden poison dart fog has enough poison to kill 20 000 mice strangely some experts believe it gets its poison from a specific type of bug that it eats it also munches on crickets fruit flies ants and termites it just whips its long tongue out in a fraction of a second and catches its unsuspecting prey this frog is immune to its own toxins but sadly other animals aren’t if they try to eat this thing the poison will prevent the animal’s nerves from transmitting impulses so their muscles become inactive or in a Perpetual state of contraction which can lead to fibrillation and heart failure number eight Jesus Christ lizard no it’s not a lizard that looks like Jesus Christ it’s even better than that it’s a lizard that walks on water basilisk lizard is the name and speed is his game but this little guy takes it to another level he is so fast that he almost Glides across the water he’s actually comical like the Roadrunner almost good thing we have slo-mo so we can actually see what’s happening but how does he do it well one advantage is most certainly its speed these guys can run as fast as 5 feet per second but speed alone is not enough the Basilisk is also very light and has prolonged toes in its hide legs the hidden weapon lies between the toes there are small flaps of skin hidden there that expand in trap air as he runs almost like wet feet it is a perfect combination of all these factors that allow the Basilisk to achieve the unthinkable scientists that were mesmerized by this ability tested the lizards in controlled conditions they made it run across the water that a tiny reflective glass bead sprinkled over it then they shot the lizard running with a high-speed camera and were able to understand what was happening there were three distinct stages in the movement the slap as the lizard slaps the water the stroke as it pushes forward and the recovery during which the leg raises above the water and moves to the front when done just right this little guy Moves Like The Flash number seven lost tribes of the Amazon it was long suspected that there are still tribes deep in the Amazon that choose to live secluded and not make contact with the outside world then in 2010 Jose Carlos Morales from Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department decided to use a small airplane to Sky hour the dense Amazon jungle he was looking for proof that these tribes exist because even the government wasn’t convinced he was successful and proved that there are people in the rainforest living secluded from the world they are referred to as indigenous people in voluntary isolation recently a long-lost Amazonian tribe made its first contact with the outside world in over 20 years in Brazil these people are originally from Peru but it is believed that they fled the drug traffickers and loggers now for a reason unknown they decided to make contact on June 29 2014 they emerged from the jungle near the upper in Vera River and approached a group of Brazilian government scientists this move was a brave one but could turn out to be tragic as well these guys aren’t immune from any of the diseases that we think are common even the slightest flu might end up costing them their lives anthropologists are still very concerned about their future in essence they might be better off returning to the jungle at least there they live a Pure Life in unison with nature and free of the Rat Race consumerism and other strange stuff that enslave Modern Man number six the electric killer eating a poisonous frog can prove to be a horrible way to die but getting electrocuted is not far behind even when I saw an electric eel for the first time in a cartoon I thought it was an exaggeration as it turns out these puppies can produce a jolt of 650 volts which can produce severe burns and damage to internal organs including the heart as this Primal Survivor

says it’s just like sticking your finger right into a light socket mind you you wasn’t touching the eel at all he was just holding the wet cage that had an eel inside as we know water is an excellent conductor of electricity and this eel had electricity in Spades it is actually a great defense mechanism that they also use for hunting as opposed to the beautiful Tropic poisonous frog the eel could hardly ever be called pretty it has a slender snake-like body with a flattened head and very thick brown skin but the yellow to orange belly its body is mostly made of fat and very little muscle but how does it make electricity well there are three specialized organs that allow her to do that they are the main electric organ Hunter’s organ and sax organ and they take up around 80 percent of its body these organs create both strong and weak electrical charges which can be extremely exhausting for the fish not as exhausting as their target though just look at this poor alligator he never even had a chance number five mata mata there are a few other animals that emote the same bubbly emotions as Turtles they are just so cute slow and fragile that we can’t help feeling enamored with them well there are a few exceptions to the rule and mata mata is one of them I hate to say hideous so I’ll just say it looks strange it looks more like a spiky dinosaur than a turtle doesn’t it it is a large and mostly sedentary Turtle it has a large disproportionate trying to her head with strange flaps of skin and what looks like a spike on the end of its nose this monstrous Turtle can grow to be almost one meter in length and weigh up to 21 kilograms these guys live across the Amazon but being sluggish they choose slow moving or stagnant Waters like swamps its weird looks in color have some advantages though their shell looks like a piece of bark floating in the water its head resembles fallen leaves so all it has to do is Lay Motionless In The Water and unsuspecting fish comes along thinking oh look at that bark and fallen leaves and then Wham winner winner chicken dinner or in this case fish dinner the way mata mata catches the prey is also ingenious it thrusts its head forward and as its huge mouth opens wide it creates a low pressure vacuum that sucks the horrified prey inside mata mata doesn’t have a chewing apparatus so it just swallows its victim’s whole number four lost city of giants when I mentioned the Lost tribes of the Amazon did I mention their ancient cities well if I didn’t let’s talk about them now and one in particular there are many Lost Cities hidden in the belly of the Amazon just waiting to be discovered and when every new discovery is made we seem to learn something new about the ancient civilizations that created them for example there was apparently a huge network of roads that connected these long forgotten centers of power so it seems that the people that built them were on a higher stage of evolution

than we previously thought but one stone complex in particular defies any kind of explanation because it looks as though it was built by Giants it was actually a complex of pyramidal structures that was so hidden with the forest and mud that no one even noticed it was a man-made structure the largest one was 18 meters high and 18 meters wide it was built with hundreds of rocks weighing over two tons each Legends originating with the indigenous Ecuadorian people speak of a nation of giants who built these Mass of structures and abandoned them a long time ago myths of giants exist in various parts of the world so it begs the question is there any truth to those stories is it possible that Nations that existed far away from each other with no possible way of communicating with each other have similar stories from their past number three the pink dolphin by now you know that there are strange and even bizarre creatures in the Amazon well here’s one more it is called the pink river dolphin it’s all that it’s cracked out to be it’s pink it’s a dolphin and it lives in rivers and lakes the locals call them boto and what surprised me the most is that they really look like dolphins they even sound like them and like their Marine cousins these guys also rely on the use of sonar but they also have an advantage they have tiny whiskers on their nose that help them pinpoint the prey in the murky Waters their color changes from Gray to Pink as they slowly age some experts think is due to the scar tissue that they get along the way if it’s true then those are some mean Dolphins right there and when they get excited they turn even more pink just like humans do there are five freshwater species of dolphin but this one is considered the largest and the smartest of the bunch they are very secretive by nature but for some reason they like to hang out with humans many tourists seek them out and more often than not when they go for a swim the Dolphins join them well that sounds far more interesting than having a rendezvous with a poisonous frog or a weird looking turtle am I right would you ever go on a tourist Expedition looking for pink dolphins or do you have a different favorite wild animal number 2. albino Jaguar undi cup you have probably heard of jaguars before but have you heard about a cat named jaguarandi yeah me neither besides similar names and both Bean cats these guys look almost nothing alike in fact a Jaguar undi is more closely related to the cougar than a Jaguar but if you look at its stature and stance it resembles a weasel even more even so get ready to have your heart melt when you see this little guy Yep this is a very rare albino jaguarundi it is a true albino meaning it is completely white and has red eyes true albinos usually have bad eyesight and being as white as this little fella it is hardly imaginable he would be able to blend in anywhere in the jungle prey would see him coming from a mile away or to be fair the prey would see her because it is a female what makes it even more difficult is that unlike most other big cats Jaguar undies only hunt during the day and there’s no way a white cat can move anywhere in the jungle without being seen this little girl was discovered in Colombia and luckily so because experts believe it wouldn’t be able to survive on its own in the jungle

it was transferred to a local Conservation Park for medical assessment it is the only albino jaguarundi ever found in Colombia and it will keep on living a happy and carefree life at the Conservation Center number one mysterious geoglyphs we’ve already talked about the Lost civilizations of the Amazon but there’s another clue to their existence apart from the stone structures in the jungle the discovery of geoglyphs and other man-made Earthworks seems to suggest that some areas of the Amazon were insanely densely populated before the arrival of Christopher Columbus anthropology of the 20th century believed it was examining small societies that used to inhabit the Amazon but these new discoveries seem to show that very large and extremely complex civilizations throughout here and that is somewhat corroborated by the eyewitness accounts of Europeans in the 16th and 18th centuries which were previously believed to have been exaggerations now that’s sadly the rainforest is being destroyed we are able to see what is underneath it turns out there are numerous geoglyphs and Earthworks

it seems they weren’t habitable but used for some kind of ceremony some theorists like the famous Graham Hancock seem to believe that the Amazon was not always a jungle to him these Earthworks prove that this was actually Farmland that turned into a rainforest over centuries even if we don’t go so far studies seem to support the theory that the area had been inhabited by somewhere between 500 000 to 1 million people it is incredible and also very sad to think that such vast civilizations succumbed and were eventually destroyed by diseases brought in by the Europeans that were considered not dangerous at all thanks for sticking with me as we explore the strange and often dangerous things found in the Amazon jungle I just can’t get enough of exploring the unknown if you feel the same and still need some fun things to explore check out my video library and don’t forget to subscribe cheers

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