[Watch Video] Shocking Creatures That Are Not From This Planet

Our planet is full of surprising creatures some with distinctive features and gigantic sizes others with their magical alien looks

Hang on to know about the most shocking creatures that surprise even the scientists sea serpent a lady discovered some bizarre carcass on the coast while taking kids on an educational trip of the island

Shores that literally seemed from the parallel universe Spectators started calling it a sea serpent but that actually was a deep sea monster

A long oarfish that spanned the length of about three people was found dead fish with a belly full of planktons the Beast weighed from 150 to 200 pounds it might be 24 feet long when it was alive

But it was about 15 feet when it washed ashore according to researchers it’s nine feet tail was severed from its body as oarfish are known to shed weight and save energy by severing their tails to escape predators Japanese spider crab although not the heaviest but the largest known anthropod found at the depths of 600 feet say hello to the Japanese spider crab at first glance

It looks like a pile of hundreds of ancient monsters crawling over one another however it is not as it seems these dozens of crabs are gathering here to get rid of their older shell just like someone takes his shirt off they do so to grow up their body is covered with a thorny protective exoskeleton with 10 giant legs having small spikes called turbicles and span wider than two fully grown men these creepy creatures are limited to the Pacific side of the Japanese Islands where they often inhabit the sandian rocky bottom of the continental shelf and slope giant sunfish giant Sunfish

[su_spoiler title=”Read More:
Shocking Creatures That Are Not From This Planet” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]the monster from the deep is one of the two heaviest bony fish and is native to Tropical and temperate Waters around the world it resembles a fish head with a tail having a huge round body flattened laterally moving its large fins slowly the giant fish floats under water and comes up to the surface to sunbathe hence getting the name Sunfish this unpredictable creature has been known to swim in a large school but often swims alone as well if you ever encounter a sunfish you will feel as if it is staring at you wanting to take an underwater walk with you a pair of paddle boarders were overwhelmed when they encountered an enormous sunfish in the ocean near Lagana Beach who claimed it was an animal from some other planet thank you finger monkey there is no doubt that miniature sized things always gain the most attention and what if these adorably cute miniature sized things are actual living animals sounds impossible to imagine

Let me introduce you to a teeny tiny monkey that weighs less than an apple the finger monkey is the smallest species of monkey and one of the smallest primates in the world that grows no longer than nine inches including its tail they are tiny enough to cling to your finger even though these pint-sized fur balls are adorable we cannot have them as pets because they are wild and make a lot of screeching sounds and even throw feces when angry foreign goblin shark just when you think the most terrifying fish to encounter is a great white shark we introduce you to a living fossil

the rare deep sea goblin shark with a lineage dating back about 125 million years old is a pink-skinned monster with a flabby body and small fins that suggests it is sluggish in nature the terrifying creature has an elongated shovel-like snout covered with special sensing organs that help it to sense electric fields in deep Waters its creepy Jaws contain nail-like teeth that it quickly projects upon its prey fortunately divers don’t come in contact with them often as they live in depths of up to 3 300 feet Barrel I fish found in the ocean’s Twilight Zone at depths of the Indian Pacific and Atlantic Waters here is another shocking Creature from the ocean the barrelfish also known as spook fish because of its weird green glowing tubular eyes protruding from its head These Eyes generally gaze upwards to detect the Silhouettes Of available prey and can also be directed toward allowing it to sense predators even stranger about this fish is its fluid-filled transparent dome-shaped head of soft tissues that work with its telescoping eyes to filter out sunlight which basically works as sunglasses this bizarre fish is very rarely spotted

and Marine scientists could only encounter the fish nine times Magna Penna squid this bacteriophage-like creature puzzled everyone when the footage was released to the public in 2008 shell company claimed that they recorded the figure hanging around on one of their oil platforms it was eventually identified as a long-legged sea creature called the Magna Pinna squid which is a group of rarely seen cephalopods with a distinctive morphology but no one is sure about the theories put forward after the discovery of this creature even to this date many insist that it could be evidence of alien life people’s reaction to this video is thought provoking as many of them believe that it might be related to an octopus or jellyfish thank you red lipped fish you are one of those people who always think fish would be preferable with just a little bit of lipstick well you are lucky because it turns out

Evolution also felt the same way which is why it decided to bestow one bat fish with a nice red lip a team of sea divers was Charmed after they recorded some unusual clips of a strange fish the red-lipped batfish is a rare fish with many unique evolutionary adaptations not only for its physical features but it is also able to walk as this vicious body is modified to the point that it can rest on the sea floor and can move as well believe it or not this fish really exists and can walk all the way in the sea sarcastic fringehead fish it has an awesome name with an attitude to match the sarcastic Fringe head is a big mild bullshy blenny that lives in the temperate Coastal Waters of California these strange fish hang out in the ocean floor dens which can be Burrows empty shells or even discarded plastic bottles the male defends its territories from other Fringe heads by dropping caustic one-liners riled individuals actually Face Off by slamming their huge open mouths together laterally splayed jaw bones and sail-like cheek membranes reveal a purple tongue a double row of teeth and a fluorescent yellow mouth Rim it is basically a who’s got the biggest mouth competition where the Victor

bags the best den and wins a chance to mate and now let us move on to our subscriber pick of the day this image was sent to us by a subscriber similarly if you ever wish to know more about an image you come across just send it to us who knows we might even feature it in one of our videos take a look at this terrifying creature this corpse of a giant toothed sperm whale washed up on the South African Coast about eight years ago the elongated jaws with large 36 conical teeth were scary enough to create a great Terror among beachgoers people from all around the town gathered to take pictures of this large sperm whale so authorities quickly moved the body to the research center to learn more about it but kudos to this Brave lady who somehow managed to stand in between the lethal mandibles to take pictures leafy sea dragon a weird seaweed floating was found in the waters of south and east Australia

the leafy dragon is a perfect name for it apparently it looks like simple leafy Tangles but it is actually alive and its Discovery is proof that the ocean still holds many Secrets the only way to identify it is to look for its eyes long tubular snout and fins on its neck and back the most interesting part is the way of its movement for food its coloration and leafy appendages give it an excellent camouflage on kelp-covered Rocky reefs like other seahorses the male takes care of the eggs until they are born this creature was declared critically endangered as a lot of Australian divers started looking for it to keep it as a pet foreign toad whenever it rains it brings frogs and toads but this toad seems from another planet by its hilarious sound like a vehicle running in a video game

this Mexican burrowing toad is found from Texas to Mexico it is 1 to 2.75 inches in length with a round flat body short stubby legs and a small pointed head it is brown with a yellow to reddish orange stripe down its back and has horny spades on its hind feet that it uses for digging its burrow it is nocturnal and eats insects especially termites when frightened it blows up its body like a balloon it spends most of its time in its underground burrow and usually only comes out after it rains see you next time

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