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Oat Biscuits Back to school, back to making nuts free snacks… This biscuit i…


Oat Biscuits Back to school back to making nuts free


Oat Biscuits

Again to highschool, again to creating nuts free snacks…

This biscuit is crunchy, buttery and never overly candy.


Butter (75g, softened)
Sugar (45g)
Egg (1)
Entire wheat flour (150g)
Rolled oats (75g)
Baking powder (half of tsp)
Salt (half of tsp)

Use a mixer, beat butter and sugar till fluffy. Add egg, beat for one further minute. Add the remainder elements and blend properly.

Roll the dough, in between two layers of plastic wrap to about 5mm thickness. Use cookie cutter to form the biscuits.

Bake 400 F for about 10-12 minutes.


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