Miso Glazed Fish A super simple and easy way to make fish. They are delicious!…

Miso Glazed Fish A super simple and easy way to

Miso Glazed Fish

A brilliant easy and simple solution to make fish. They’re scrumptious!!!

I plate the dish Three alternative ways: 1) sea bass + sauce; 2) tilapia + sauce; 3) sea bass + puréed sauce. Which one do you favor? 😀

Fish fillet (ie. sea bass or tilapia)
Corn (contemporary or frozen)
Pea (frozen)
half cup Pumpkin (cooked, optionally available).

Be aware:
Pumpkin was used to thicken the sauce and add coloration. You possibly can select to switch with different ingredient reminiscent of cream.

Combine miso and sake (~ 1:2 ratio) into a skinny paste, brush all slides of the filet. Wrap it up with parchment paper, bake 350F for 20 – 30 minutes.

In a small pot, add corn, pea and a cup of water, deliver it to a boil. Add the pumpkin, season the sauce with salt and pepper. Purée the sauce if you happen to favor. I used to be too lazy to drag out the vitamix therefore the purée is barely grainy.