Mingly Cam: Online Video Chat & Dating – Overview



There are millions of singles waiting to meet their next date or relationship on Mingle dating app. Our goal is to match you with the best dates whether it’s someone nearby or the location you desire. Tired of scrolling through photos? We have millions of members with video profiles too so you can get a better sense of chemistry.

Main Features:

Dive into the Future of Dating with Our Sizzling AI Features!

Ever felt tongue-tied or just plain blank when diving into the dating pool? Fret not! Our app’s got some AI magic up its sleeve that’s about to make your dating game strong and sassy!

  • AI IceBreaker:
    Starting a convo got you scratching your head? Let’s jazz things up!
  • Pop in a keyword that’s on your mind.
  • Voila! Our AI whips up three funny and fun IceBreaker messages just for you.
  • Pick your fave, hit send, and watch the magic unfold. Fancy a twist? Switch up your keyword and get a fresh batch of icebreakers!
  • And guess what? We remember your groove. Your recent picks are saved for an encore.

  • AI AboutMe:
    “Describe yourself” – sounds simple, right? But if you’re lost for words:
  • Toss us a keyword that feels like ‘you’.
  • Our AI crafts three snazzy “About Me” blurbs that’ll make profiles envious.
  • Choose the one that makes you go, “That’s so me!” and light up your profile.

With these AI party tricks, you’re not just dating; you’re setting the virtual stage on fire! Dive in, have a blast, and let our AI be the wingman/ wingwoman you always wished for!

Mingle is a free online dating app and a great way to chat & meet new people nearby or around the world. You can always use Mingle for free and never have to pay to match or chat with anyone. We pride ourselves in providing a free online dating experience and compatible matches to millions of single women and men.

We believe people can have different types of connections and we want to provide a platform for all types of relationships. Whether it’s making friends, finding a date, meeting someone in another country to chat with, relationship or marriage, you can find what you are looking for in our community.

Have you seen photos of single men or single women online just to get disappointed later? Maybe you chatted online and were still fooled. Our video profiles help solve that problem. You can also send photos and videos to anyone you match with. We know that the singles dating world can be tough at times and want to provide you with the easiest tool to meet people.