Middle Eastern Garlic Chicken Meze I’m currently addicted to Toum! If you have…

Middle Eastern Garlic Chicken Meze Im currently addicted to Toum

Center Japanese Garlic Hen Meze

I’m at the moment hooked on Toum! In the event you haven’t had it smothered over grilled hen you might be lacking out.

Toum is a daring and creamy Center Japanese garlic sauce product of garlic, oil, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt.
I marinated my hen in a single day on this sauce after which grilled it till golden brown.

I served this up with some brown jasmine rice, toasted almonds, a aspect of tahini yoghurt and a few pita bread.

This recipe is on my highlights beneath garlic hen, that is the place one can find the recipe for Toum.

Your loved ones will love you 💕