DEEP FRIED OKRA & PEPPERS with soft gooey quail eggs. I found some giant fresh …

DEEP FRIED OKRA PEPPERS with soft gooey quail eggs

DEEP FRIED OKRA & PEPPERS with tender gooey quail eggs.

I discovered some large recent okra and couldn’t resist, the quail eggs had been a problem I took on to see if I might prepare dinner them proper, not dangerous 😊

Fast easy dish and tremendous scrumptious.

Soak your okra in water and vinegar to rid a few of that sticky stuff.

Flour your okra and peppers with slightly salt and pepper.

For the batter, half cup of flour, 1 tsp of paprika, 1 tsp of garlic salt, half tsp of curry powder , salt and pepper, 1 and half cups of water.
I additionally crumbled some feta within the batter 😊

Shallow fry in olive oil on medium warmth for not less than eight minutes.

High with extra wonderful feta and drizzle with balsamic glaze 👌

I used feta OMG the place have you ever been all my life!

Hope you do that dish, it’s tremendous yummy 😋