CARAMILK CHEESECAKE If you haven’t yet tried caramilk Philadelphia cream chee…

CARAMILK CHEESECAKE If you havent yet tried caramilk Philadelphia cream


For those who haven’t but tried caramilk Philadelphia cream cheese then you definately’re lacking out 😊

Here’s what you have to

Biscuit base

1 packet of good biscuits crushed
200 grams of melted butter
Combine the above and a spring type cake tin.

The filling
250 grams of caramilk Philadelphia cream cheese
250 grams of Philadelphia cream cheese
600ml contemporary cream
2 small blocks of caramelo chocolate chopped
1 sheet of gelatine diluted
1/four cup of sugar

Whisk the contemporary cream and sugar till it kinds gentle peaks.

Blitz cream cheeses and gelatine till clean and creamy.
Fold in contemporary cream to your cheese combination together with the chopped caramelo chocolate

For the caramel sauce

1 cup of brown sugar
four Tbsp unsalted butter
half of cup half contemporary cream

Pop the above in a small saucepan on medium warmth till golden brown.