BLACK INK SQUID and some pasta… This was my mum’s signature dish, we would al…

BLACK INK SQUID and some pasta This was my mums

BLACK INK SQUID and a few pasta…

This was my mum’s signature dish, we might all collect across the desk and chastise one another about how black our mouths had been after dinner😂

My brother taught me this dish, fortunately he paid consideration to how she made it ❤️

It’s one in all my favorite dishes of all time and brings again soo many nice recollections. It’s in regards to the squid and never the pasta, she would serve it with plain rice an enormous bowl of cabbage and coriander salad and her selfmade bread ❣️

The tip right here is to verify the cuttle fish has the ink sack, that’s why I solely ever order mine from pal and fish monger Santino seafood_connections_nsw, thanks Santino for at all times delivering the products ❤️


I’ll add the recipe on my highlights and story now